Monday, 16 March 2015

Week 9

The strike continues. This means we still are missing labs and a large portion of previously-available advice. I am trying to adapt, by agreeing to meet with my lab partner to go through the lab questions with discussion. Of course, we must be more independent now with the diminished help, but I think that the two of us can work hard together to ultimately find working solutions.

Last week was our term test, and we recently submitted our second assignment. It is difficult to predict what will be on the test, but I feel that the assignments and labs are very helpful in this regard (even though I still feel nervous while studying for the test). We are given opportunity to practice the skills that the professors wish to see us display on our test, so keeping up with the material is of utmost importance.

Recently, we have covered linked lists, trees, binary search trees, etc. If I remember correctly, our next assignment should be on raising the efficiency of our code. I am very excited for this, as testing my code for assignment 2 was very lengthy, with around 2 minutes run-time of Strategy Minimax for the first move in a 3x3 board!

Will give another update on the status of our class and my grasp of the material next week.

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