Sunday, 29 March 2015

Week 11

I decided to revisit my Week 4 post, where I first talked about adjusting to CSC148 and tougher programming. In that post, I summarized that it was rather difficult for me to launch right into CSC148 after such a long break from my first programming course (CSC108). At that time, I had wanted the course to move more slowly, as I had not been well-adjusted to its upbeat tempo. Now, I see that we have covered lots of material, but am also confident that I have understood it well. I have come to enjoy the speed of the course - I am certain that this experience will help me to more quickly understand content in future courses and in the workplace.

Week 4's blogpost also was the first time I really worked with a partner in a computer science course. Even throughout the strike, my partner and I have continued to meet to go through the labs. I can second my earlier opinion on how beneficial it is to work with a partner. The discussion that we have is SO helpful! Particularly for recursion, where carefully stating what you want to achieve is the biggest step to writing the successful code. I can see that my partner likes working together as well - I am happy to see that my experience aligns with those of my classmates. Comparing to other slogs, I see the same idea as well. For example, fellow blogger ( dedicated a post to talking about how useful it was to have a partner, wisely mentioning how it allows for faster recognition of mistakes and creation of better solutions.

For the last assignment (A3), I am working with a partner. This is also quite a novel experience for me! I had been worried that I might miss out on some learning by splitting the assignment, but I do not think this has turned out to be the case. We are near finish, as we started well in advance. This is a great feeling!

Throughout the semester, topics that I found challenging have gradually begun to make more sense. Like another student says in their blog (, CSC108 was a very straightforward experience. CSC148 is more difficult, but it makes it clear how useful the material will be for us in the future. Knowing this has allowed me to make huge strides in my programming skills.

Next week will be my last blog post for CSC148. The year is ending! On a very positive note, the strike has ended as well.

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