Monday, 23 March 2015

Week 10

Our final assignment has now been posted. This time, we are provided with options - (A) to build upon our previous assignment to improve efficiency, or (B) to investigate the space of game sequences. Both options surround the idea of finding repetition in the game states that are encountered, and looking to stored information rather than re-doing analysis. This contributes to faster speed. I am interested in looking at both of the options, as I do not want to miss out on any of the knowledge that I could gain. I would like to improve the speed of my minimax strategy using the suggestions/requirements in option A. However, option B looks easier to split between my partner and me. This is actually the first assignment this semester where I am working with a partner! Curious to see how our cooperation will add to my understanding of the material, and the success of our assignment.

It was great to see some comments on my slog recently! I am happy to see that others are reading it, and hopefully learning from it (or at least pondering some of the material I discuss).

Unfortunately, the strike has not ended. Another proposed settlement was voted on and rejected at the end of last week. The professors are clearly trying their best to keep the course running smoothly, with the limited TA help that they have, and this is very much appreciated.

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