Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weeks 1 - 3: Why Geeks Should Write

As a friend once told me, geeks are a vast resource of knowledge because they dedicate themselves to a subject and discover lots about it. This makes them the best people to talk about their field, and thus great individuals to teach others (via a slog, for example!). The reading materials we were given to inspire this blog post demonstrate that some people DO indeed share their experiences with the public in a way that allows us to learn, be curious, fix problems, and try new techniques. In my opinion, this sharing of ideas is crucial to develop an advanced community.
Do I consider myself a geek? Or perhaps a nerd? Probably I would identify as a nerd. To me, a geek is one who focuses solely on one topic (often non-academic), gets extremely engaged within it, and does not have their eyes open to many other things. A nerd, on the other hand, is incredibly hard-working, academically-oriented, and very knowledge on one or more topics. I like to keep my mind open to a variety of interesting fields. I love to learn! I want to be well-educated, such that I can choose a field of most interest to me and become especially proficient in that area. At the same time, I want to keep having experiences in other topics so that I can continue to expand my awareness of the world and its many extraordinary achievements.
Through CSC148, I hope to see improvement not only in my programming skills, but also in my ability to convey information through other forms of writing (i.e. this slog).

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